Learn the skills, principles and programming
in person with Max Shank


Workshop Structure

1. Build ludicrous speed and power for athletics
2. Develop the basics and progressions of handbalancing
3. Learn the steps to Master the Front Lever even if you can't do a pull-up yet
4. Own the L-Sit to Handstand, the king of upper body pushing exercises
5. Dominate the Deadlift, safely and easily, without becoming stiff and inflexible
6. Discover why the Airborne Lunge might be the single best single leg exercise you can do, and how to do it
7. Practice Gymnastics Rings movements to elevate the strength and stability in your shoulders
8. Utilize Mobility Drills to improve performance in all of your training

Incredible Resource for Coaches

  • Ensure long-term sustainable progress for your clients
  • Create instant flexibility and strength gains that make you an invaluable asset
  • Coaching Efficiency: Learn how to set up a training session for maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time
  • Continuing Education Credits: 1.5 credits pre-approved through NASM. Petition for credit with other organizations

Fantastic Program for Athletes

    • Learn how to set up your training to fit around your schedule, not the other way around
    • Keep training fun, fresh, and effective through development of new skills
    • Counteract all the damage done from sitting down too much and get the body functioning at optimal levels

Real World Results


Karl Kelchner

Max is excellent at presenting complete material in a very simplistic, user friendly and applicable way. He combines elements of several training methods to create a very unique and highly effective training style. I would send anyone his way who is looking to become stronger, healthier, and better in every way.


Isaac Hoffman

Fun and informative weekend that left me feeling comfortable programming and teaching in the Ultimate Athleticism style for myself or groups. Really brought the material from his books and online posts to life in a clear and accessible way. The flow of the physical portions of the training were scheduled perfectly to keep me fresh the whole way through. I also like how Max taught to what we wanted, by asking what people were interested in most.


Kelly Mack

Max, a young Jedi master! Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, a beautiful balance of hard work, education, and laughter. Max combines these elements into an incredibly inspiring workshop. My training journey will forever be positively impacted by what I’ve learned here. For that, I am super grateful. Thank you!


SGT Steve

SGT Steve

I had big expectations coming into this workshop. After getting to know Max the past couple of years, I knew the event would be great. Not only did it meet my expectations, it shattered them. The atmosphere was laid back and informal, which made it flow nicely. The amount of content was perfect. Enough to learn a lot, but not so much that it was overwhelming. There was plenty of time to learn new things and then immediately apply them in mini-workout sessions. I walked out of the event full of new knowledge, confidence, and a sense of validation that I was on a good course with my fitness philosophy. Bottom line, I had a blast and came home with tools I could immediately implement to help my clients and myself take our fitness to the next level. If you want a refreshing approach to becoming a well rounded athletic person, take this course! You will be glad you did!



Alex Martinez

This workshop will enable me to take my athleticism to the highest level ever (more so than when I was a varsity college athlete). Max has really refined and created an efficient program and approach to make this reality. I had many personal bests during the course and am excited to incorporate my learnings into my life.


What you can expect to learn

The key to strength, flexibility, and health over the long term. A philosophy that can be applied to any training method.

      • How a few simple movements will give you a grip that could crush a potato and help keep your elbows healthy
      • The "Less is more" way to gaining the endurance you need for YOUR sport
      • The easiest way to cut through all the programming confusion and set up your workouts for ultimate efficiency and success
      • How to convince your nervous system it’s safe to give you up to 50% more strength instantly!
      • The fastest way to improve your posture and flexibility
      • The two muscle groups you need to be focusing on to unlock all of your athletic potential
      • Core Strength: What is it really? How do we get it? How to we use it to allow the body to utilize more strength.
      • Breathing. So many movement and postural dysfunctions come from improper breathing patterns. Learn a couple easy ways to fix that issue and reap instant benefits.
      • Shoulder Mobility: The shoulder is the most mobile and vulnerable joint which makes it a primary target for pain and tightness. Learn how to unlock the shoulders the right way and lay down a solid foundation for strength and movement.

Ultimate Athleticism Workshop Includes:

  • 2 Full Days of Hands-on Instruction

    Learn from Max, with a mix of lecture, demonstration, and guided practice

  • 3 Months of Members-Only Forum Access

    Ensure your continued progress by sharing your experiences with your peers getting feedback from Max

  • Ultimate Athleticism eBook

    200 Pages of no-fluff brand new material to turn you into an awe-inspiring force to be reckoned with

  • Ultimate Athleticism Video Library

    Videos demonstrate how to do the movements properly and laser in on several details that will ensure you gain the most benefit and have the most success with your training. Over 30 videos!

  • Ultimate Athleticism Program Design Guide

    Several programs ranging in difficulty from absolute never-touched-a-weight beginner to advanced and training 4+ days per weeks

Check out what the leading Experts have to say...

"Max is a rare individual in the health and fitness world"

"I just finished reading Max Shank’s new book Ultimate Athleticism and I am incredibly impressed! Max is a rare individual in the health and fitness world; he is both an articulate writer as well as an incredible athlete, and it is this unique blend that makes his book such a powerful addition to your training library. Max has done a masterful job answering the most common question that every fitness professional encounters with clients which is, “How can I get maximal improvement with the limited time I have available?” Following Max’s advice and programs in this book virtually guarantees improvement in every facet of your body and athleticism in minimum time. I highly recommend it and encourage you to absorb not only it’s basic message, but also the spirit of play and ongoing improvement that Max so powerfully encourages and exemplifies."

Dr. Eric Cobb

Founder, Z-Health Performance

"I love books that make me pop off the chair..."

"I love books that make me pop off the chair, go into my backyard and hang from the rings. Hey, I like Shakespeare and Cervantes, too, but you never see me on the stage or tilting a windmill after a few chapters. Max Shank's "Ultimate Athleticism" has me working on my handstand, attempting to force my hips up on the levers and reconsidering one legged movements. I am a fan of minimalism as a starting line for thinking; Max runs with this in training by suggesting the mastering of four movements: L-Press to Handstand, Deadlift, Front Lever, Airborne Lunge. This book is amazing as he walks us through why he picked these movements and then, more important, the progressions necessary for achieving these movements. I can't recommend this book enough, but be prepared to explore movement again."

Dan John

Internationally recognized author and presenter, 2-time Highland Games Masters Champion

Better Every Day,
Max Shank


Ultimate Athleticism Workshop - San Diego, California

Date: Summer 2017 (tbd)

Cost: $499

Ambition Athletics
613 Westlake Street
Encinitas, CA 92024

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